September 19, 2009

New LE, Eating gold and some chickens

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VC banner


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VJ banner TMFV

Long time no post, we know … we know !! But hey, it ain’t our fault. If stardoll would be more special, we would post. What is up with the site lately ?

I feel like I’m in some kind of hood where the citizens took over the city. You know what i’m saying ? It seems that the stardoll members are so much more creative with their ideas then the stardollstaff. Honestly, after 3 years it’s all getting a little (I mean “very”) boring. Even when stardoll brings new clothes it doesn’t seemed to work.

I went to check and I have to say it looks much better then our beloved stardoll, unbelievable. If you would have said this to me 6 months ago, I would have smacked you. But today … nothing … Stardoll needs to bring something new, something more to experiment with our creativity. (In case you’re reading this StardollStaff, make it free. We had enough of your obsessive money problem. Don’t tell me you don’t have enough of our cash. What do you do over there in Sweden ? Eat gold ?)

And honestly, what is it with those Special Edition Red Carpet clothes ? Do we look like chickens ? (some of us actually have as much braincells as an egg. Don’t ask, i’m not saying names) I miss the days that we had dresses for 5 dollars, today you have to pay 15 for a dress because it has a nice label …

And finally (I could keep complaining forever, it’s like those pink hyperactive rabbits from tv, it never ends) 40 million members and we gett nothing ? NOTHING ?


Xoxo have a nice day, Verojun and VictoriaClors.


And before I forget it again, I still have a little graphic that you might like to see. It’s been made by me some time ago when someone asked me to make it. It would have been used on a very popular place but because of some unknown issues … agh just look at the picture.






  1. laurenbrose said,

    I lovee it! you should’ve cut out the skin parts so it looks like a cut out

  2. thestardollinsiders said,

    lol where would it have been posted? xP

    hm, yeah, same thing again… the only new exciting things are overpriced xP like the red carpet and without a doubt the new LE. About the 40mil things I wasn’t surprized, we didn’t get anything at 30mil either. While at 10mil we did get nice free things… And now if there are free things they are always US or UK or … only.. :S It’s annoying having the use those proxy things over and over again :S As if a movie (like now Fame) only come to theaters in the US or UK?! :S

    Hope you are doing well!

    • Verojun said,

      Well, someone (I’m not gonna say the name, it would be kinda rude of me if I did) had been asked to write for the stardollmagazine. And that person wanted to write something about the stardolldesignstudio and so she asked me to make a small image with my medoll and my designs. Nothing more, nothing less. … Waarom schrijf ik in het engels ? Nuja, het ging uiteindelijk niet door, was wel een beetje pissed, al men werk voor niets en de persoon van het artikel heeft zelfs niets meer van zich laten horen, enorm grof. Het was dat hen een enorm bekende was dat ik er mee akkoord ging, nuja het is op niets uitgedraaid en nu post ik ze maar hier hé 😀

      I’m am doing so great, How are you ?
      xxx Dina

  3. carmen said,

    hey u guys make such great graphics, and it appears you have such great ideas, why don’t you guys try to make your own website, yes i imagine how difficult it would be, and it would take a lot of hard work, but apparently you guys can accomplish it, if u guys made a site i would definitely join! and all my friends too! u would make tons of money, and its like a stardoll but more mature and more fun, it would definitely take all of stardoll’s client, which stardoll deserves because there just scamming us out of money, abusing of little girls, i know this is long but yeah i guess u can understand my point.

  4. The title made me lol 😛

  5. thestardollinsiders said,

    hèhè heb ik ook gedacht, wrm schrijf ik in het engels? xP maar enfin.
    Ja nee, je hoeft geen naam te noemen 😛 Zou ik ook niet doen. En zeker niet op een blog waar iedereen het kan lezen xP En heeft ze dan nog voor de stardoll magazine geschreven? of mocht ze niet? In het eerste geval is het idd een beetje grof. Een beetje uitleg mag altijd wel vind ik 😦

    Met mij alles goed 🙂 Eigenlijk veel te veel werk xP met stage en masterproef en dit en dat xP Maar we raken er wel door 😛
    En met jou? Welke richting is het nu eigenlijk geworden? Weekend Knack of project runway? 😛 🙂


  6. nikolet said,

    Banner didn ‘t know sorry about that one a friend sent it to me and said that she had done me no excuse to use it

  7. Dudasky said,

    I agree with all that you say in this post!!

  8. Tinkerbell-97 said,

    Could you possibly make a tutorial on how to make your banners/pictures?
    If you have done it before, could you send me the link?

  9. amber said,

    your graphics are awesome

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