January 1, 2010

Stardoll Souls, MK-dress and greedy babies.

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Hey blogbabies 😀


It feels like just yesterday that I wrote something for this blog   *o*


… anyway, here are some spoilers, blabla blah. You probably allready saw them, but never with a nice yellow background. So enjoy and start saving your dollars: Stardoll will want our souls for them, you know they’re getting greedy …


AND 😀 … a graphic !!

Can I have a wave please. Thank you.


However, it’s not finished, which you allready figured out, but I thought some of you would like to see how graphic-stuff is made. So here you go: my latest work-in-progress. I’m not telling you what this exactly is, because I think it will be fun to make it in a little competition 😀


If anyone, ANYONE in the whole wide world, can guess what’s happening in this graphic, I give her (or him) my green MK-dress. (Now you’re listening aren’t you? Looks like Stardoll isn’t the only greedy one, tsss ttss.)


So go ahead and guess, guess, guess. But do guess in the commentbox below, it will make things easy for me. Why? Because I’m lazy, that’s why.

That’s it for now, babies.

And of course, how could I forget, HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! Where’s our gift Stardoll?


Xxx Dina, Verojun.



  1. Vasia. said,

    Dina’s awsome 😀

  2. differentmagazine said,

    That’s Elin Nordegren when smashing in Tiger Woods carwindow with a golfclub x)
    Lucky guess :P?

  3. Rousha54321 said,

    I’m thinking playing golf, her hand looks like she’s holding a golf club. But the person’s above guess seems more right. 🙂

  4. marcia256 said,

    maybe a lavin campaing ?

  5. Fashion.Fantasy said,

    I’m thinking she’s riding a rodeo horse/cow, or some kind of thing?

  6. thestardollinsiders said,

    she’s doing a snap and bend? xP

    or just swirling/swaying/ whatever the english word is for ‘zwieren’ 😛 her hair?

  7. marcia256 said,

    I khnow she’s looking to the sky!

  8. I have no idea xD
    But I know it will be awesome, that’s for sure 🙂

  9. lady_laura_xxx said,

    It’s like she’s having a piggyback ride (or however you write it)

    xx lady_laura_xxx

  10. Haylin295 said,

    I think someone is grabbing her hands, and she is down on her knees.

  11. pixiefun said,

    I think she’s leaning over to stroke the back of some animal- a lion, tiger, cheetah…something wild! I’m sure it’s going to be FAB whatever she’s doing! 😉

  12. Pirata111 said,

    maybe she’s pulling something?

  13. AbiiBabeh..x said,

    Washing the dishes ?

  14. Tallulah said,

    Marliyn Monroe bending over trying to keep her skirt down over a man hole ? Quite a famous pic, i had to suggest it 😀 x
    x x

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