July 9, 2010

Where’s my freakin’ guest book!?

Posted in Something New at 12:08 pm by Verojun

Hi blog-babies!

Came back for more crazy stories, huh! Well are you lucky today, cause I’m gonna tell you all about Moneyrella and how her land has changed.

Well, part of it, that is. Cause you see: if I would give you an endless list with all the changes, it would be a very boring post. And I’m pretty sure all the other blogs are doing that, and since I’m rebellious and unique we’re gonna do it in a different way. That, my friends, is a total lie. I’m just a big lazy girl.

One of my fave changes is the new and improved suite. The suite itself didn’t change, don’t get me wrong. The rooms are still the same, but the window we have to watch a room has become bigger. For someone like me, who likes to decorate and to look at other suites, this is a very nice update. I like it, Stardoll!

The Medoll Editor(?) changed into the Beauty Parlor. And that’s kinda the biggest change here. It is more organized and nicer to look at, but it still has no option to erase only a part of your medoll’s make-up. We still have to remove all the make-up, even when we only wanna change for example: the lipstick. I was hoping for this to be possible, but sadly it isn’t. Still, it’s nicer than before.

I really like Stardoll’s new style. It’s more adult and more creative, and it has lost the Barbie attitude. Thanx for that Stardoll! The Starplaza had his make-over, and it’s aswell more easier to use. Which I think is what Stardoll wanted to achieve. And it worked.

Btw, notice how Stardoll moved the ‘Shop’ button to the 3th click-option. And took the ‘Dress-up and Games’ button to the end. Guess the money is more important than the dolls. Tsss tsss.

What I like the most about the new Stardoll is the possibility to have your items in a seperate room for selling. You now can have your stardesigns, collectables etc. on display in what is your own shop. Good idea!

Conclusion: I like the make-over. Shocking, isn’t it?

However, there’s one thing that annoys the livin’hell outta me: the guest book. It looks messy and it just doesn’t belong on your front page. For me, the guest book went back a kazilion years in time. Please change it back Stardoll.

Funny thing though, I kept clicking on my guest book messages (on the front page) to take me to my guest book page. (Like it did before.) But nothing happened. At first I thought it was a glitch. But after searching between the tabs, I realized those stupid pink messages are my guest book.

I was so pissed I threw a chair out my window. My old grandma hadn’t even left her seat.   … … *crickets chirping* … okay maybe I’m overreacting a little bit.

So that’s it, my friends. Have a nice day and enjoy the new Stardoll.

xxx Dina/Verojun   *waving hand*

Update: So I’ve been using the new site for a while, and I’ve founded a few more things that are not that good. It has become much more difficult to visit other members, when you can only see the last 3 visitors on your page, and can only have 6 best friends. They also moved the covergirl, album winner etc. under a bunch of links. Not that good, cause it makes me feel all alone on stardoll. And they could’ve used a little more different colours, it gets a little confusing to find something when it all looks the same.

Conclusion: They did made things better, but they’ve lost many things aswell. So I’m not sure if the side has improved or not. The staff didn’t think about his users, only to attract more members. And that is just wrong.


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