July 13, 2010

Badass and stubborn Stardoll.

Posted in Too much for V at 12:28 pm by Verojun

Welcome, welcome.  🙂

So we’ve been using the new Stardoll for a while now, and something you’ve probably noticed is how much members are whining and complaining about the big change. It’s true, the site has many flaws and should change things, like the last visited list, but honestly, com’on people. Give it some time, will ya?

I completly understand your complains about the guestbook, and how isolated we feel in our suites, but the whines about the new style and how hard it is to find things, is a little overreacted.  Search ya’ lazy motherf- I mean, innocent girl.

So before you start complaining, search for an answer first. Most things can be fixed without trouble.

Do you know why those girls complain? Cause they love it. That’s right, they love complaining. They’re sitting at home, bored as hell, nothing to do, and then they wonder, ‘what can I do?’ So they decide to be badass, and to start complaining about issues that not even they care about. And that’s weak, very weak.

And in my opinion, the visual aspect is something we can’t label good or bad. Cause everyone has a different taste in style and color.

But if Stardoll stays stubborn and refuses to listen to his members, then you can leave. Cause that’s what I’ll do when I don’t get my friends back. But not before I’ll be patient and wait for a possible change.

Hopefully, ’till the next time!  Dina xxx

Update: See! They already changed the best friends and the last visited list back. Good job Stardoll! *pets them*


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  1. thatgirlsophy said,

    Yea people who complain shouldn’t be called bad ass, that’s a whole different meaning in my book. They’re basically just whiners, scared of change and probably spoiled lol

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