October 13, 2010

Blue Superkicker

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:26 pm by Verojun

Stardoll, dude … seriously? Royal members?

I don’t know what to say, really.

I’ve always known they loved their precious money, but com’on … now we have to pay for a full year to be important? How rude.

I really think another new level of membership can’t be good. I mean: is this Fame, Fashion and Friends?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for those who got the blue diamond. Congrats, really! But for other members it’s a kick in the stomach. ‘Hey girl, no paying today? Well you’re not getting an absolutely unimportant blue account! HA! You won’t miss a thing, but it will make you feel a loser to those who do give us their vital organs money.’

Stardoll, seriously. Enough is enough.



  1. groovyme4ever said,

    Hi! I love all of your graphics! I’ve got a new blog about stardoll: stardollsocialites.blogspot.com and I was wandering if you could make me a graphic design for my blog’s ‘logo’ and also for the different girls that post which for now is only me, so please take a look!! If you agree then we could work out what type of logo I wanted and etc.. (It would be great if you left a comment in my most recent post saying yes or no) PLEASE!!! :p
    xoxo groovyme4ever(stardoll)

  2. Wooldoor said,

    My guess was way off and way disgusting xD

  3. natasha-rox286 said,

    Oh well

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