January 28, 2011

UGH, and stuff!

Posted in Too much for V at 2:28 pm by Verojun

Like UGH! And welcome. 🙂

Today, my friends, I came across something that made me sad and angry. Thanx to the very talented Wooldoor (I mean like wow, have you seen the graphics she makes?) I discovered the following ….

Grrr! That’s my work!

This was a banner I made in July 2009 for some long forgotten blog. (The girl who used to post stuff is just lazy these days. How dare she? *cough*)

Here is the original image.

Dear Ima_stealie,

Drawing (poorly) over a graphic made by someone else is rude. Very rude. If you do not have the talent, material or whatever to make you own images, then DON’T STEAL! It is disrespectful for the person who did make it. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do against it, so consider yourself very lucky! I wish I could report you somehow, somewhere but I can’t. I’ve got my back against a wall and there’s nothing I can do about it. I hope you’re proud of yourself.


I get a lot of enjoyment out of creating things, and that is the only reason why I create them. For fun. I do not make graphics to be popular or the be a show-of, and I certainly don’t make them so that some pathetic lowlife can steal them for their own personal use.

People, seriously, enough is enough. Stardoll is a game. However I seem to be one of the few to understand that. We get a lot of reinforcement from the Stardoll Society (and Stardoll itself) that this site is all about fame. (Which is the reason why I think this girl stole my work.) Well, in my humble opinion, Stardoll should be about the art of creating things. Creating suites, albums, sceneries and of course outstanding outfits. And while we’re on that subject, Stardoll, art and fame is not only for an elite group. Everyone should be able to get joy from creating things, not only the ones who spend their cash on your website. Non-superstars have nothing, and we all know it.

Ultimately, we’re all amateurs on Stardoll.com, and I like that. I get a lot of enjoyment out of things created by professional artists, but I also get a great feeling from communities of people who create art for the love of it and not because they’re necessarily perfect at it or expect a reward.

x (not for Ima_stealie)



  1. Wooldoor said,

    Put up a copyright in a side bar or something then call the athorities saying that all your work was copy righted. I wont let her get off as easy as you are doing 🙂

  2. natasha-rox286 said,

    I really dislike how people do that.
    Like it’s your work
    the work you created;.The one you spent your time on creating.
    Just stealing is down right stupid.

    I agree with Wooldoor
    It’s more better to put a copyright sign on.
    It leases the chance of someone, Stealing your work.

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