January 1, 2010

Stardoll Souls, MK-dress and greedy babies.

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Hey blogbabies 😀


It feels like just yesterday that I wrote something for this blog   *o*


… anyway, here are some spoilers, blabla blah. You probably allready saw them, but never with a nice yellow background. So enjoy and start saving your dollars: Stardoll will want our souls for them, you know they’re getting greedy …


AND 😀 … a graphic !!

Can I have a wave please. Thank you.


However, it’s not finished, which you allready figured out, but I thought some of you would like to see how graphic-stuff is made. So here you go: my latest work-in-progress. I’m not telling you what this exactly is, because I think it will be fun to make it in a little competition 😀


If anyone, ANYONE in the whole wide world, can guess what’s happening in this graphic, I give her (or him) my green MK-dress. (Now you’re listening aren’t you? Looks like Stardoll isn’t the only greedy one, tsss ttss.)


So go ahead and guess, guess, guess. But do guess in the commentbox below, it will make things easy for me. Why? Because I’m lazy, that’s why.

That’s it for now, babies.

And of course, how could I forget, HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! Where’s our gift Stardoll?


Xxx Dina, Verojun.


September 19, 2009

New LE, Eating gold and some chickens

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VC banner


                                               *** **** ***

VJ banner TMFV

Long time no post, we know … we know !! But hey, it ain’t our fault. If stardoll would be more special, we would post. What is up with the site lately ?

I feel like I’m in some kind of hood where the citizens took over the city. You know what i’m saying ? It seems that the stardoll members are so much more creative with their ideas then the stardollstaff. Honestly, after 3 years it’s all getting a little (I mean “very”) boring. Even when stardoll brings new clothes it doesn’t seemed to work.

I went to check Roiworld.com and I have to say it looks much better then our beloved stardoll, unbelievable. If you would have said this to me 6 months ago, I would have smacked you. But today … nothing … Stardoll needs to bring something new, something more to experiment with our creativity. (In case you’re reading this StardollStaff, make it free. We had enough of your obsessive money problem. Don’t tell me you don’t have enough of our cash. What do you do over there in Sweden ? Eat gold ?)

And honestly, what is it with those Special Edition Red Carpet clothes ? Do we look like chickens ? (some of us actually have as much braincells as an egg. Don’t ask, i’m not saying names) I miss the days that we had dresses for 5 dollars, today you have to pay 15 for a dress because it has a nice label …

And finally (I could keep complaining forever, it’s like those pink hyperactive rabbits from tv, it never ends) 40 million members and we gett nothing ? NOTHING ?


Xoxo have a nice day, Verojun and VictoriaClors.


And before I forget it again, I still have a little graphic that you might like to see. It’s been made by me some time ago when someone asked me to make it. It would have been used on a very popular place but because of some unknown issues … agh just look at the picture.




August 16, 2009

New Stardesign

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VJ banner SN

Verojun stardesign

It was time I maded some new Stardesigns and I ended up with these two dresses. The first one is based on a dress I once saw Rihanna in, I have no idea who the designer is but I just wanted to have it for my Medoll. With the second one I got inspired after the bird Carrie Bradshaw was wearing on her wedding with Big in the Satc movie.

So If you like them, they’re for sale in my bazaar.


Xoxo Verojun.

Have a nice week 😀

July 28, 2009

Candies, Mudd and Abbey Dawn

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Verojun banner

First off all, I am so happy with TheStardollVnV. My previous blog, I’m sure you can remember it somewhere in the back of your brain, had gotten so boring. Unbelievable I know!! Just kidding, just kidding. DinaEdition was boring and it was kinda death for a few months and it’s my fault, I know … I know.

So what do you do when something becomes boring ? You replace it with something new that has sparkles. And thu-duuh!! This new blog will sparkle so hard that your ass will fall af.


But back to stardoll, one of my favorite shops will come back to starplaza. I’ve seen their spoilers and boy, do they look good. I’m sure you’ve allready seen the spoilers but hey, I got bored and needed something to do. So -hold your virtual breath- check out the soon to be released new kohls.



abbey dawn

Please don’t use my graphics or spoilers on any other site or blog without giving credits to TheStardollVnV.

Xoxo See you soon. Dina/Verojun