July 9, 2010

Where’s my freakin’ guest book!?

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Hi blog-babies!

Came back for more crazy stories, huh! Well are you lucky today, cause I’m gonna tell you all about Moneyrella and how her land has changed.

Well, part of it, that is. Cause you see: if I would give you an endless list with all the changes, it would be a very boring post. And I’m pretty sure all the other blogs are doing that, and since I’m rebellious and unique we’re gonna do it in a different way. That, my friends, is a total lie. I’m just a big lazy girl.

One of my fave changes is the new and improved suite. The suite itself didn’t change, don’t get me wrong. The rooms are still the same, but the window we have to watch a room has become bigger. For someone like me, who likes to decorate and to look at other suites, this is a very nice update. I like it, Stardoll!

The Medoll Editor(?) changed into the Beauty Parlor. And that’s kinda the biggest change here. It is more organized and nicer to look at, but it still has no option to erase only a part of your medoll’s make-up. We still have to remove all the make-up, even when we only wanna change for example: the lipstick. I was hoping for this to be possible, but sadly it isn’t. Still, it’s nicer than before.

I really like Stardoll’s new style. It’s more adult and more creative, and it has lost the Barbie attitude. Thanx for that Stardoll! The Starplaza had his make-over, and it’s aswell more easier to use. Which I think is what Stardoll wanted to achieve. And it worked.

Btw, notice how Stardoll moved the ‘Shop’ button to the 3th click-option. And took the ‘Dress-up and Games’ button to the end. Guess the money is more important than the dolls. Tsss tsss.

What I like the most about the new Stardoll is the possibility to have your items in a seperate room for selling. You now can have your stardesigns, collectables etc. on display in what is your own shop. Good idea!

Conclusion: I like the make-over. Shocking, isn’t it?

However, there’s one thing that annoys the livin’hell outta me: the guest book. It looks messy and it just doesn’t belong on your front page. For me, the guest book went back a kazilion years in time. Please change it back Stardoll.

Funny thing though, I kept clicking on my guest book messages (on the front page) to take me to my guest book page. (Like it did before.) But nothing happened. At first I thought it was a glitch. But after searching between the tabs, I realized those stupid pink messages are my guest book.

I was so pissed I threw a chair out my window. My old grandma hadn’t even left her seat.   … … *crickets chirping* … okay maybe I’m overreacting a little bit.

So that’s it, my friends. Have a nice day and enjoy the new Stardoll.

xxx Dina/Verojun   *waving hand*

Update: So I’ve been using the new site for a while, and I’ve founded a few more things that are not that good. It has become much more difficult to visit other members, when you can only see the last 3 visitors on your page, and can only have 6 best friends. They also moved the covergirl, album winner etc. under a bunch of links. Not that good, cause it makes me feel all alone on stardoll. And they could’ve used a little more different colours, it gets a little confusing to find something when it all looks the same.

Conclusion: They did made things better, but they’ve lost many things aswell. So I’m not sure if the side has improved or not. The staff didn’t think about his users, only to attract more members. And that is just wrong.


January 2, 2010

Sweetlus and her amazing talent

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Michael Jackson fans, look no further.

The very talented Sweetlus, has an entire suite with StarDesign portraits of the King of Pop.

Take a look and spend your money.

January 1, 2010

Stardoll Souls, MK-dress and greedy babies.

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Hey blogbabies 😀


It feels like just yesterday that I wrote something for this blog   *o*


… anyway, here are some spoilers, blabla blah. You probably allready saw them, but never with a nice yellow background. So enjoy and start saving your dollars: Stardoll will want our souls for them, you know they’re getting greedy …


AND 😀 … a graphic !!

Can I have a wave please. Thank you.


However, it’s not finished, which you allready figured out, but I thought some of you would like to see how graphic-stuff is made. So here you go: my latest work-in-progress. I’m not telling you what this exactly is, because I think it will be fun to make it in a little competition 😀


If anyone, ANYONE in the whole wide world, can guess what’s happening in this graphic, I give her (or him) my green MK-dress. (Now you’re listening aren’t you? Looks like Stardoll isn’t the only greedy one, tsss ttss.)


So go ahead and guess, guess, guess. But do guess in the commentbox below, it will make things easy for me. Why? Because I’m lazy, that’s why.

That’s it for now, babies.

And of course, how could I forget, HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! Where’s our gift Stardoll?


Xxx Dina, Verojun.

August 31, 2009

Stardoll news – oh sorry, not really news.. just gossip

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Hey people!! sorry for this lack of posts – theStardollVnV is having a busy but great summer 😛 – Victoria talking with some fast news.. that you probably know.

xLou26, where are you? This morning she just dissapeared from Stardoll’s map – leaving her name erased in a simple “____”.
Teen Style’s last covergirl is gone, but I hope everything is going well in her life, so we will be able to know if Stardoll staff made something with her account.
We don’t forget you lou!
Double HB’s, boring dolls and… what can I say? Lastly stardoll didn’t make anything new. Most of the day is a constant glitch and bad quality dolls with recolored clothing!! We guess Stardoll staff also needs vacations, no? But you know what you’re waiting for..
…LIMITED EDITION! Most of us are dissapointed for not seeing a summer collection of Limited Edition, but some gossip made me think that there will be a Fall collection in a few weeks, probably around 15 September. Don’t wait for so much more until that day, unless you’re hoping to speculate and like admiring spoilers. In this case, visit the blog so we can offer you spoilers of the pieces of clothing as soon as we can get them!

But wait! it’s still summer! so don’t waste your time and enjoy the following days of freedom before school starts, meet your friends and stay connected to stardoll – but not in excess!

August 18, 2009

Talking about ART.. Laura Laine

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 Here in VnV we love talking about art! And I couldn’t resist featuring Laura Laine, a great drawer and illustrator from Finland wich represents her art in black&white (mostly!), adding movement and textures to each doll she draws.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Her style is so personal. the only fact I dislike is, probably, the way the characters are very inexpresive. thought they are all unique, most of the girls look a bit similar and serious. By this way the drawing looses a bit of life, but i guess this is the way that Laura uses to make us look at the clothing and hair more!


August 16, 2009

New Stardesign

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VJ banner SN

Verojun stardesign

It was time I maded some new Stardesigns and I ended up with these two dresses. The first one is based on a dress I once saw Rihanna in, I have no idea who the designer is but I just wanted to have it for my Medoll. With the second one I got inspired after the bird Carrie Bradshaw was wearing on her wedding with Big in the Satc movie.

So If you like them, they’re for sale in my bazaar.


Xoxo Verojun.

Have a nice week 😀

August 2, 2009

Virtual Zac Posen Outfit

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VJ banner SN


SPOILER !!! COMING TO STARDOLL, THIS LOVELY …. nope, just kidding … If you believed it, then my very first outfit turned out very well. I thought: “Lett’s give my photoshop horizon a new limit by trying to make a piece of clothing.”

To my surprise it worked. And then before I knew it, I had maded a virtual Zac Posen outfit. For my very first try, i’m happy with it. Not everything looks as great as I wanted it to be (the coat should be velvet *O*) but then again other parts turned out better then I hoped for, for example the fur. Btw, it’s virtual fake fur, I double checked it 🙂

The model who’s wearing the outfit is the lovely Alphonsinne, who you all should know from her amazing blog, seenonstardoll.


Xoxo Verojun.

Btw, VictoriaClors is on vacation for two weeks. Too the beach. So the blog will have to do it with me for a while. If this makes you sad … get of my blog !! Kidding, kidding. You’re all welcome.

July 28, 2009

Candies, Mudd and Abbey Dawn

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Verojun banner

First off all, I am so happy with TheStardollVnV. My previous blog, I’m sure you can remember it somewhere in the back of your brain, had gotten so boring. Unbelievable I know!! Just kidding, just kidding. DinaEdition was boring and it was kinda death for a few months and it’s my fault, I know … I know.

So what do you do when something becomes boring ? You replace it with something new that has sparkles. And thu-duuh!! This new blog will sparkle so hard that your ass will fall af.


But back to stardoll, one of my favorite shops will come back to starplaza. I’ve seen their spoilers and boy, do they look good. I’m sure you’ve allready seen the spoilers but hey, I got bored and needed something to do. So -hold your virtual breath- check out the soon to be released new kohls.



abbey dawn

Please don’t use my graphics or spoilers on any other site or blog without giving credits to TheStardollVnV.

Xoxo See you soon. Dina/Verojun

Introduction To TheStardollVnV

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Hey stardollians of the world!

We – Verojun & Victoriaclors – are honoured to introduce, all of you, this new stardoll blog!


We both have been members for a lot of time – actually she has more than me for shure 😛 – and we have seen the decadent period of stardoll, the period where it’s all about getting money and annoying drama. We’re not going to write the same stories.


We’re not the kind of people who write about hotbuys through the ages, nor the kind of people who tell you how to make up your medoll, nor will we talk about elites or wannabes, who live in this dimension that internet has created.


If you’re reading this blog it’s because you’re fully interested in ANYTHING we’ve said. Because in this blog we offer alternatives to make you feel great with who you really are, expressing yourself with the help of stardoll – even if you’re a non superstar who wears default jeans and white top!

In every post you read of this blog, ART and FASHION will have intense influences, which will make you feel nearer to your inside. So, why don’t you just take a look and try something new?


Welcome stardollians to a new kind of Stardoll Blogging! We’re TheStardollVnV!