January 28, 2011

UGH, and stuff!

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Like UGH! And welcome. ūüôā

Today, my friends,¬†I came across something that made me sad and angry. Thanx¬†to the very talented Wooldoor (I mean like wow, have you seen the graphics she makes?) I discovered the following ….

Grrr! That’s my work!

This was a banner I made in July 2009 for some long forgotten blog. (The girl who used to post stuff is just lazy these days. How dare she? *cough*)

Here is the original image.

Dear Ima_stealie,

Drawing (poorly) over a graphic made by someone else is rude. Very rude. If you do not have the talent,¬†material or whatever to make you own images, then DON’T STEAL! It is disrespectful for the person who did make it. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do against it, so consider yourself very lucky! I wish I could report you somehow, somewhere but I can’t. I’ve got my back against a wall and there’s nothing I can do about it. I hope you’re proud of yourself.


I get a lot of¬†enjoyment out of creating things, and that is the only reason why I create them. For fun. I do not make graphics to be popular or the be a show-of, and I certainly don’t make them so that some pathetic lowlife can steal them for their own personal use.

People, seriously, enough is enough. Stardoll¬†is a game. However I seem to be one of the few to understand that. We get a lot of reinforcement from the Stardoll¬†Society (and Stardoll¬†itself) that this site is all about fame. (Which is the reason why I think this girl stole my work.) Well, in my humble opinion,¬†Stardoll¬†should be about the art of creating things. Creating suites, albums, sceneries¬†and of course outstanding outfits. And while we’re on that subject, Stardoll, art and fame is not only for an elite group. Everyone should be able to get joy from creating things, not only the ones who spend their cash on your website. Non-superstars have nothing, and we all know it.

Ultimately, we’re all amateurs on Stardoll.com, and I like that. I get a lot of enjoyment out of things created by professional artists, but I also get a great feeling from communities of people who create art for the love of it and not because they’re necessarily perfect at it or expect a reward.

x (not for Ima_stealie)


July 13, 2010

Badass and stubborn Stardoll.

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Welcome, welcome.¬† ūüôā

So we’ve been using the new Stardoll for a while now, and something you’ve probably noticed is how much members are whining and complaining about the big change. It’s true, the site has many flaws and should change things,¬†like the last visited list, but honestly, com’on people. Give it some time, will ya?

I completly understand your complains about the guestbook, and how isolated we feel in our suites, but the whines about the new style and how hard it is to find things, is a little overreacted.¬† Search ya’ lazy motherf- I mean, innocent girl.

So before you start complaining, search for an answer first. Most things can be fixed without trouble.

Do you know why those girls complain? Cause they love it. That’s right, they love complaining. They’re sitting at home, bored as hell, nothing to do, and then they wonder, ‘what can I do?’ So they decide to be badass, and to start complaining about issues that not even they care about. And that’s weak, very weak.

And in my opinion, the visual aspect is something we can’t label good or bad. Cause everyone has a different taste in style and color.

But if Stardoll stays stubborn and refuses to listen to his members, then you can leave. Cause that’s what I’ll do when I don’t get my friends back. But not before I’ll be patient and wait for a possible change.

Hopefully, ’till the next time!¬† Dina xxx

Update: See! They already changed the best friends and the last visited list back. Good job Stardoll! *pets them*

July 6, 2010

Moneyrella and the hard truth.

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Hi y’all. ūüėÄ

What do you say? It’s been so long since we had a post? … … … Naaaah, my friend. That’s just you and your imagination. You silly goose.

Today I’m here to tell you a wonderful fairytale. Yes that’s right: a fairytale. We don’t have much other choice, we’re no followers of gossip, nor are we backstabbing biatches or crazy spoiled chicks. We, my friends, are classy ladies. *couch*

There once was a certain website, who we shall call S. Tardoll. No, that’s to obvious … Let’s call it .. uhm, MONEYRELLA! Yeah that should do it. So anyway, Moneyrella¬†was a happy website. And every morning Moneyrella would ask her magic bank account, “Who is the richest website on the internet?”.

Every morning the bank account responded, “You Stard-¬†uhm, Moneyrella. But those helpless, innocent fashionistas still have a lot¬†of dollars, euros and the whole other kazang.”.

WHAT!” , would Moneyrella scream. “How dare they!!

So¬†every day Moneyrella would search for new ways to take real life money from her slaves¬†users. A few weeks ago, she had summoned the spell: Penthouse-O-drama. This spell promised us 2 new rooms on top of our virtual mansion. But what the spell hadn’t told was when your superstar ended, you would lose two other rooms. Unfair? Yes, but chin up. It’s just a fairytale.

Sadly the Penthouse-O-drama spell wasn’t over. When the month of July started, the spell grew stronger and stronger and asked a total of 249 stardollars. A 100 more than¬†before. It didn’t took long before the users noticed that no one was happy. No one except¬†Moneyrella.¬†

There had been a time that our kingdom was a peaceful¬†place where everyone was the same. Then came the superstars, who had to pay to get a few new and extra things for their land. No one was suspicious and some even dared to pay for it. It didn’t took long before Moneyrella would ignore her non-superstars and she would give everything to her precious superstars.

Unfortunately, Moneyrella’s desire got bigger and BIGGER AND BIGGER. Today no one is save for the evil queen, not even the superstars.

Moneyrella brought many new stores to her land, and her users got excited every time one of the shops would open his doors. But every time the prices would raise higher and higher. And in the end it even became too much for the superstars. Not to speak about those non-superstars who hardly have a chance to survive.  Moneyrella is a hard bitch. The end.

Hey I didn’t say¬†it was a nice fairytale. But why do I tell you this? Like you don’t know it, right? It’s sad, my friends. But I think Stardoll¬†is getting to far with their prices. The amount of money you have to spend, to even have a little fun, is higher than it has ever been.

I know many of you will deny it, cause you think the world is stuck between those two cheeks where the sun doesn’t shine, but it’s the hard truth. Stardoll¬†has forgotten the fun. And that’s what Stardoll once was, just fun. Today the site is lost.

And a lost site makes Dina sad.


But we’re a happy blog, and dammit¬†we’ll stay happy even if I’ve to beat it into us!! Muhahahaaaaa¬†… uhm, ‘kay moving on.

Remember this old thing? No? Well, I can’t say I blame you. It’s been about six months ago when I posted it. It was a little graphic¬†I was working on, and all of you could guess what it was. Sadly (for you) no one guessed it. Yoohoo!! (for me). Today it’s still not finished … I’m lazy. Sue me.

So what was it, huh? Well it should have been my Medoll fighting with the Stardoll staff for a bag of money. Kinda to see what would happen if one of us would ever met a staff member in real life. You know they would make a jump for our purses. The jerks.

So it’s not finished, I never started making the staff members and the body of my Medoll still has many errors. I should hide under a rock. But here it is anyway, unfinished. It’ll never be completed, but I want you to like me it.


In my head I had the idea of two dark big silhouettes (who would be the staff) to come out¬† the shadows. They would be pulling the bag from below, forcing the girl to stand like this. Hopefully¬†you’ll understand what I’m trying to explain. Cause¬†I ain’t the best typist, I know.

So this is it, friends. A big thanx¬†for those of you who’ve made it all the way to the bottom of this post. I always end up writing much more than¬†I had planned. And I’ve also noticed we still have many followers who visit us every day, to those “Thanx for your support!” ūüôā

Have a nice day! Not you stardoll. Okay maybe just a little … if you give me my superstar back … … … no? Well, uhm your lay-out sucks Stardoll! There I said it!

xxx Dina/ Verojun

September 19, 2009

New LE, Eating gold and some chickens

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VC banner


                                               *** **** ***

VJ banner TMFV

Long time no post, we know … we know !! But hey, it ain’t our fault. If stardoll would¬†be more special, we would post. What is up with the site lately ?

I feel like I’m in some kind of hood where the citizens took over the city. You know what i’m saying ? It seems that the stardoll members are so much more creative with their ideas then the stardollstaff. Honestly, after 3 years it’s all getting a little (I mean “very”) boring. Even when stardoll brings new clothes it doesn’t seemed to work.

I went to check Roiworld.com and I have to say it looks much better then our beloved stardoll, unbelievable. If you would have said this to me 6 months ago, I would have smacked¬†you. But today … nothing … Stardoll needs to bring something new, something more to¬†experiment with our creativity.¬†(In case¬†you’re reading this StardollStaff, make it free. We had enough of your obsessive money problem. Don’t tell me you don’t have enough of our cash. What do you do over there in Sweden ? Eat gold ?)

And honestly, what is it with those Special Edition Red Carpet clothes ? Do we look like chickens ? (some of us actually have as much braincells as an egg. Don’t ask, i’m not saying names) I miss the days that we had dresses for 5 dollars, today you have to pay 15 for a dress because it has a nice label …

And finally (I could keep complaining forever, it’s like those pink hyperactive rabbits from tv, it never ends) 40 million members and we gett nothing ? NOTHING ?


Xoxo have a nice day, Verojun and VictoriaClors.


And before¬†I forget it again, I still have a little graphic that you might like to see. It’s been made by me some time ago when someone asked me to make it. It would have been used on a very¬†popular place but because of some unknown issues … agh just look at the picture.




August 9, 2009

Nothing New

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Verojun banner TMFV

In the last few weeks, Stardoll hasn’t brought anything new. We did have those back-to-school clothes again, but when I didn’t bought them the first 7 times, I’m not gonna buy them this time. So I wonder what’s happening overthere in Sweden.¬† I guess they’re on vacation.


All good and well, everyone deserves some time off.¬†The only bad thing is that¬†our superstar accounts are pretty much useless right now. I didn’t pay for that !!


So anyway, I guess no news on stardoll, nothing new on the blog.

Have a nice week.

Xoxo Verojun