August 18, 2009

Talking about ART.. Laura Laine

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 Here in VnV we love talking about art! And I couldn’t resist featuring Laura Laine, a great drawer and illustrator from Finland wich represents her art in black&white (mostly!), adding movement and textures to each doll she draws.

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Her style is so personal. the only fact I dislike is, probably, the way the characters are very inexpresive. thought they are all unique, most of the girls look a bit similar and serious. By this way the drawing looses a bit of life, but i guess this is the way that Laura uses to make us look at the clothing and hair more!


August 16, 2009

New Stardesign

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Verojun stardesign

It was time I maded some new Stardesigns and I ended up with these two dresses. The first one is based on a dress I once saw Rihanna in, I have no idea who the designer is but I just wanted to have it for my Medoll. With the second one I got inspired after the bird Carrie Bradshaw was wearing on her wedding with Big in the Satc movie.

So If you like them, they’re for sale in my bazaar.


Xoxo Verojun.

Have a nice week 😀

August 9, 2009

Nothing New

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In the last few weeks, Stardoll hasn’t brought anything new. We did have those back-to-school clothes again, but when I didn’t bought them the first 7 times, I’m not gonna buy them this time. So I wonder what’s happening overthere in Sweden.  I guess they’re on vacation.


All good and well, everyone deserves some time off. The only bad thing is that our superstar accounts are pretty much useless right now. I didn’t pay for that !!


So anyway, I guess no news on stardoll, nothing new on the blog.

Have a nice week.

Xoxo Verojun

August 2, 2009

Virtual Zac Posen Outfit

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SPOILER !!! COMING TO STARDOLL, THIS LOVELY …. nope, just kidding … If you believed it, then my very first outfit turned out very well. I thought: “Lett’s give my photoshop horizon a new limit by trying to make a piece of clothing.”

To my surprise it worked. And then before I knew it, I had maded a virtual Zac Posen outfit. For my very first try, i’m happy with it. Not everything looks as great as I wanted it to be (the coat should be velvet *O*) but then again other parts turned out better then I hoped for, for example the fur. Btw, it’s virtual fake fur, I double checked it 🙂

The model who’s wearing the outfit is the lovely Alphonsinne, who you all should know from her amazing blog, seenonstardoll.


Xoxo Verojun.

Btw, VictoriaClors is on vacation for two weeks. Too the beach. So the blog will have to do it with me for a while. If this makes you sad … get of my blog !! Kidding, kidding. You’re all welcome.

July 29, 2009

Interview with… xLou26

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I couldn’t resist featuring one of my best stardoll friends – Louise, aka xLou26.

Since first time I met her, Louise avoids the terrible title of “elite” to stay as a normal user in Stardoll. And personally, her big heart is the cause of all the friends she has got in this universe – and NO, you won’t find typical famous people on her BF list – after all, she sees the good in every person and gives help to anyone who needs.

And it’s my own experience. With no doubt, I’m not the only one!

That’s why we, TheStardollVnV, asked her to be our first interview. Let’s see what she has to tell us!



V: How do you have fun on stardoll?
L: I have fun on stardoll by chatting to my friends, creating new outfits with whatever i can get my hands on. Rares hunting is always fun, especially when I can help close friends find clothes they are searching for.


V:Did you have any interesting or important experience in Stardoll?
L:I’ve met some very influential people on stardoll. One person who always comes to mind is Steelone. Seeing her outfits change everyday but still ooze originality changed the way i looked at my outfits. Ever since I met her she influenced me a lot, I know shes greatly missed in the stardoll community.


V: What do you think of the actual stardoll?
L: Over the past year stardoll has changed a lot, for better and worse. Even if there’s not much to do one day, there’s always someone on I can talk to. Which is why I still love it!


V: Something you want to share with the stardollians?
L: Be creative, find your own style, be unique. Too many people take this website seriously, just have fun!


-graphics by Verojun

-interview by VictoriaClors

July 28, 2009

Candies, Mudd and Abbey Dawn

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First off all, I am so happy with TheStardollVnV. My previous blog, I’m sure you can remember it somewhere in the back of your brain, had gotten so boring. Unbelievable I know!! Just kidding, just kidding. DinaEdition was boring and it was kinda death for a few months and it’s my fault, I know … I know.

So what do you do when something becomes boring ? You replace it with something new that has sparkles. And thu-duuh!! This new blog will sparkle so hard that your ass will fall af.


But back to stardoll, one of my favorite shops will come back to starplaza. I’ve seen their spoilers and boy, do they look good. I’m sure you’ve allready seen the spoilers but hey, I got bored and needed something to do. So -hold your virtual breath- check out the soon to be released new kohls.



abbey dawn

Please don’t use my graphics or spoilers on any other site or blog without giving credits to TheStardollVnV.

Xoxo See you soon. Dina/Verojun

Introduction To TheStardollVnV

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Hey stardollians of the world!

We – Verojun & Victoriaclors – are honoured to introduce, all of you, this new stardoll blog!


We both have been members for a lot of time – actually she has more than me for shure 😛 – and we have seen the decadent period of stardoll, the period where it’s all about getting money and annoying drama. We’re not going to write the same stories.


We’re not the kind of people who write about hotbuys through the ages, nor the kind of people who tell you how to make up your medoll, nor will we talk about elites or wannabes, who live in this dimension that internet has created.


If you’re reading this blog it’s because you’re fully interested in ANYTHING we’ve said. Because in this blog we offer alternatives to make you feel great with who you really are, expressing yourself with the help of stardoll – even if you’re a non superstar who wears default jeans and white top!

In every post you read of this blog, ART and FASHION will have intense influences, which will make you feel nearer to your inside. So, why don’t you just take a look and try something new?


Welcome stardollians to a new kind of Stardoll Blogging! We’re TheStardollVnV!

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