September 19, 2009

New LE, Eating gold and some chickens

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Long time no post, we know … we know !! But hey, it ain’t our fault. If stardoll would be more special, we would post. What is up with the site lately ?

I feel like I’m in some kind of hood where the citizens took over the city. You know what i’m saying ? It seems that the stardoll members are so much more creative with their ideas then the stardollstaff. Honestly, after 3 years it’s all getting a little (I mean “very”) boring. Even when stardoll brings new clothes it doesn’t seemed to work.

I went to check and I have to say it looks much better then our beloved stardoll, unbelievable. If you would have said this to me 6 months ago, I would have smacked you. But today … nothing … Stardoll needs to bring something new, something more to experiment with our creativity. (In case you’re reading this StardollStaff, make it free. We had enough of your obsessive money problem. Don’t tell me you don’t have enough of our cash. What do you do over there in Sweden ? Eat gold ?)

And honestly, what is it with those Special Edition Red Carpet clothes ? Do we look like chickens ? (some of us actually have as much braincells as an egg. Don’t ask, i’m not saying names) I miss the days that we had dresses for 5 dollars, today you have to pay 15 for a dress because it has a nice label …

And finally (I could keep complaining forever, it’s like those pink hyperactive rabbits from tv, it never ends) 40 million members and we gett nothing ? NOTHING ?


Xoxo have a nice day, Verojun and VictoriaClors.


And before I forget it again, I still have a little graphic that you might like to see. It’s been made by me some time ago when someone asked me to make it. It would have been used on a very popular place but because of some unknown issues … agh just look at the picture.





August 31, 2009

Stardoll news – oh sorry, not really news.. just gossip

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Hey people!! sorry for this lack of posts – theStardollVnV is having a busy but great summer 😛 – Victoria talking with some fast news.. that you probably know.

xLou26, where are you? This morning she just dissapeared from Stardoll’s map – leaving her name erased in a simple “____”.
Teen Style’s last covergirl is gone, but I hope everything is going well in her life, so we will be able to know if Stardoll staff made something with her account.
We don’t forget you lou!
Double HB’s, boring dolls and… what can I say? Lastly stardoll didn’t make anything new. Most of the day is a constant glitch and bad quality dolls with recolored clothing!! We guess Stardoll staff also needs vacations, no? But you know what you’re waiting for..
…LIMITED EDITION! Most of us are dissapointed for not seeing a summer collection of Limited Edition, but some gossip made me think that there will be a Fall collection in a few weeks, probably around 15 September. Don’t wait for so much more until that day, unless you’re hoping to speculate and like admiring spoilers. In this case, visit the blog so we can offer you spoilers of the pieces of clothing as soon as we can get them!

But wait! it’s still summer! so don’t waste your time and enjoy the following days of freedom before school starts, meet your friends and stay connected to stardoll – but not in excess!