August 31, 2009

Stardoll news – oh sorry, not really news.. just gossip

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Hey people!! sorry for this lack of posts – theStardollVnV is having a busy but great summer ūüėõ – Victoria talking with some fast news.. that you probably know.

xLou26, where are you? This morning she just dissapeared from Stardoll’s map – leaving her name erased in a simple “____”.
Teen Style’s last covergirl is gone, but I hope everything is going well in her life, so we will be able to know if Stardoll staff made something with her account.
We don’t forget you lou!
Double HB’s, boring dolls and… what can I say? Lastly stardoll didn’t make anything new. Most of the day is a constant glitch and bad quality dolls with recolored clothing!! We guess Stardoll staff also needs vacations, no? But you know what you’re waiting for..
…LIMITED EDITION! Most of us are dissapointed for not seeing a summer collection of Limited Edition, but some gossip made me think that there will be a Fall collection in a few weeks, probably around 15 September. Don’t wait for so much more until that day, unless you’re hoping to speculate and like admiring spoilers. In this case, visit the blog so we can offer you spoilers of the pieces of clothing as soon as we can get them!

But wait! it’s still summer! so don’t waste your time and enjoy the following days of freedom before school starts, meet your friends and stay connected to stardoll – but not in excess!


July 29, 2009

Interview with… xLou26

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I couldn’t resist featuring one of my best stardoll friends – Louise, aka xLou26.

Since first time I met her, Louise avoids the terrible title of “elite” to stay as a normal user in Stardoll.¬†And personally, her big heart is the cause of all¬†the¬†friends she has got in this¬†universe¬†– and NO, you won’t find¬†typical famous people on her BF list – after all, she sees the good in every person and gives help to anyone who needs.

And it’s my own experience. With no doubt,¬†I’m not the only one!

That’s why¬†we, TheStardollVnV,¬†asked her to be our first¬†interview. Let’s see¬†what she has to tell us!



V: How do you have fun on stardoll?
L: I have fun on stardoll by chatting to my friends, creating new outfits with whatever i can get my hands on. Rares hunting is always fun, especially when I can help close friends find clothes they are searching for.


V:Did you have any interesting or important experience in Stardoll?
L:I’ve met some very influential people on stardoll. One person who always comes to mind is Steelone. Seeing her outfits change everyday but still ooze originality changed the way i looked at my outfits. Ever since I met her she influenced me a lot, I know shes greatly missed in the stardoll community.


V: What do you think of the actual stardoll?
L: Over the past year stardoll has changed a lot, for better and worse. Even if there’s not much to do one day, there’s always someone on I can talk to. Which is why I still love it!


V: Something you want to share with the stardollians?
L: Be creative, find your own style, be unique. Too many people take this website seriously, just have fun!


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-interview by VictoriaClors